Saltwater Pool Service

Los Angeles contains many salt water pools, and they are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Mr. Poolman is expert at the special water treatment requirements of salt water pools. Salt water pools need special handling and maintenance. They use a special saltwater chlorinator, usually in the form of a floating basket that contains a solid tablet. The salt tablets located in the pool pump must be carefully checked to ensure that the proper amount of salt is being placed in the water. if the salt level is too low, then the amount of free chlorine formed will also be too low.

Just like a fresh water pool, saltwater pools need to be periodically shocked with chlorine, either as pellets or powder. This requires a delicate attention to detail, because salt in the water turns into free chlorine and is also diluted by rain, UV rays, and the number of people swimming. We add a stabilizer acid to ensure your salt levels remain stable and constant. We maintain the pump in good working order, because a saltwater system will only produce chlorine if the pump is running.

Some chemicals used in fresh water pools are not to be used in saltwater pools, such as packaged chlorine, algaecides, soda ash and baking soda.

Rely on Mr. Poolman to give your saltwater pool the professional maintenance it deserves!

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