Spa & Jacuzzi Service

Spas and Jacuzzi hot tubs are very popular in Los Angeles, and we at Mr. Poolman are experts at maintaining them for worry-free enjoyment. Our certified technicians will service and repair your spa and Jacuzzi quickly and professionally. We can schedule maintenance for your convenience. If required, we can empty your spa, clean it and refill it, providing you reassurance that you are bathing in clean surroundings. If you do not use your spa during the cold months, we will winterize your spa to protect it from the seasonal elements. We will even move your spa or hot tub from one spot to another at your home should you so desire.

If you are in the process of picking out a new spa or Jacuzzi, have Mr. Poolman inspect your proposed installation site. We will measure to make sure your spa will fit in the allotted space, verify that the surface is level, and recommend any electrical upgrades you may need.

New spa owners are sometimes confused about how to operate and maintain their new equipment. Mr. Poolman will be happy to schedule a spa training visit and demonstrate all you need to know about operating and maintaining your spa or hot tub.

Weekly Full Service Includes:

  • Complete water analysis
  • Maintain chemicals as needed: Chlorine, PH, Acid, Total Alkalinity
  • Clean top and bottom surfaces of debris
  • Brush spa steps
  • Monitor all spa equipment for proper operation

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*Additional charges for equipment repair, chlorine wash and conditioner may apply.